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We have location in over 100 cities in the United States of America that deal with the bulk bag industrie. We also have up to 200 locations that deal in scrap plastics. Not only that, but we have up to 300 locations that deal with wooden & plastic pallets. Plus, all of them deal in plastic wrap, and floor sweeps.

All About Us...

Our Goal is to Provide All Business' with the Best Transporting Supplies to Any Company in America! Built to be roughedly tough, Gaylord boxes are constructed of the highest quality corrugated cardboard, bonding agents and thick staples so, they won't break, burst, or come apart, which may cause danger to warehouse and shipping personnel.

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We Provide All Types of Your Shipping NeedsSome of What We Offer Our Clients.

600x500 Wooden Pallets

Wooden & Plastic Shipping Pallets

600x500 Bulk Bags

Bulk Bags

600x500 Plastic Shrink Wrap

Shrink Wrap

600x500 Scrap Plastic Flakes

Scrap Plastics

600x500 Octogon Gaylord Box

Octogon Gaylord

600x500 Tall Bulk Bags

Tall Bulk Bags

600x500 Double Wall Gaylord Box

Double Wall
Gaylord Box

600x500 5-ply Gaylord Box

5-ply Gaylord